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Welcome to the only UK NLP Bootcamp!

So, you want to become an NLP Practitioner and don’t want to spend ages stuck in a classroom?


Excellent Training in Excellent Timeframes!

We all look forward to our annual leave and holiday periods for much needed downtime from the busy workplace to rest and recuperate, so why would you want to spend your holiday in a classroom?

Our Certified NLP Trainers feel that human need to recharge our batteries and we have seen so many missed opportunities to undertake fantastic training due to the commitments we all have on a day to day basis, around our work, families and friends!

So to be able to look at offering the UKs only NLP Bootcamp to people who view learning and self development as one of their top priorities is something we love to see!

Now, does the thought of spending days in a classroom listening to death by PowerPoint sound enthralling to you? It certainly doesn’t sound interesting to us either, so we are making our NLP Bootcamp as exciting, fun and interactive as possible! Our delegates having a good ol’ belly laugh is definitely one of our indicators of a great course!

Of course, with our NLP Bootcamp being a highly intensive course, there is still a requirement for pre-requisite work to be undertaken. This material is available online, 24/7, for you to be able to access from the moment you sign up to our course, even the textbook can be provided as an eBook! For those of you who prefer proper paper book, that can be done too.

Now there are plenty of reasons it makes sense to train with us and our favourite reason is that the NLP Bootcamp runs from a Friday to a Monday, so there is only two days of previous annual leave off work!

So, book a long weekend off and become a Certified NLP Practitioner!